December 1, 2018 at 10:57 PST. New database (1.003) has been delivered. This new database fixes various errors. It adds approximately 60 sites both in Anatolia and the Levant. New Search files have been delivered.

November 18, 2018 at 08:22 PST. New database (1.002) has been delivered. This new database treats regions and subregions consistently. New software has been delivered. This new software implements subregion granularity for all reports.

For more about subregion support see this blog post for more.

November 4, 2018 at 9:38 AM PST. New database (1.001) has been uploaded with new search files. New software has been delivered. This new software supports some new sites along with the new Principal Sites control. See Usage Page for more.

October 24, 2018 at 13:25 PST. New database (version 0.068 uploaded). New software version delivered. These new deliveries support some new sites. They support the new Bibliography Report page and single citation map. Search Tables updated.

October 16, 2018 at 6:02 PST. New database 0.067 uploaded. It supports about 60 new sites (primarily in Crete) along with an equal number of new features. Search tables updated.  Fixed the error where the usage page button was dead on the splash page (index.php) in some browsers.

October 14, 2018 at 12:02 PST. New software to support nearest neighbor analysis from place key report screen has been delivered. For more details see Atlas Usage Page.

September 9, 2018 at 17:00 PST. Database version 0.066 uploaded. This includes more than 40 new sites in Crete and in the Asea valley in Arcadia, Peloponnese. Search files updated.

August 23, 2018 at 6:52 PST. Database version 0.065 uploaded. This includes 71 new sites, many in the islands of Karpathos, Saros (Saria), and Kasos. Search files updated.

August 8, 2018 at 09:02 PST. Database version 0.064 uploaded. This includes new sites in Crete. Search files updated. New code delivered which implements the Chrono report page. For Details see Atlas Usage Page.

July 23, 2018 at 13:59 PST. Database and search files updated. DB version is 0.063 which includes many new sites and features, primarily in Crete.

July 08, 2018 at 16:50 PST. Database and Search updated today. DB Version is 0.062 which includes 32 new sites and approx. 100 new features, primarily in western Crete.

July 3, 2018 09:46 PST. Delivered new reporting facility pages. These are triggered from the Controls Page as well as the combination map Page. For more details see Atlas Usage Page.

June 11, 2018 11:26 PST. Fixed error where combo map fails to draw if Ceramic Horizon or Type is selected. Software redelivered.

June 11, 2018 at 09:00 PST. Database and Search updated today. Version is 0.061 which includes 51 new sites, primarily in western Crete.

June 07, 2018 at 16:50 PST. New software for site elevation charts (elevation_onmap.php) delivered. New Control Page software was delivered.

May 28, 2018. New software for Site Size, Site Elevation, Literature Source, and Error Radius delivered. This represents rewrites to use Open Street Maps instead of Google Maps.

May 22, 2018: The .kml and .csv output for the feature key report page has been implemented.

May 21, 2018: New versions of pk_report_wparam.php and fk_report_wparam.php have been delivered consequent to migration away from Google Maps.

May 11, 2018: Release of DB 59. MAP_Rev_0.059__05_11_18. It contains many additional sites in the Siteia region in Crete.

April 29, 2018: Release of DB 58a. Contains modifications of biblio table to create separate Author field. Modification and redelivery of pkey_report_wparam.php.

April 23, 2018: Release of DB 58. MAP_Rev_0.058__04_23_18. Approx 73 new sites (based largely on Hood, Warren, Cadogan, Travels in Crete, 1962. BSA (59), pp.50-99, 1964.

April 10, 2018: Release of DB 57. MAP_Rev_57__04_10_18. Approx. 40 new sites (primarily around Knossos, Crete). Emphasis on LM. Sundry errors fixed. Principal source is Hood and Smyth [1981]: Hood, Sinclair and David Smyth 'Archaeological Survey of the Knossos Area', The British School at Athens. Supplementary Volumes, No. 14, Archaeological Survey of the Knossos Area, pp. i-x & 1-69, 1981

April 2, 2018: Release of DB 56. MAP_Rev_56__04_02_18. More than 100 new sites (primarily in Crete) in the Pediada and Lasithi plains. Based on article by Panagiotakis Nikos. L'évolution archéologique de la Pédiada (Crète centrale) : premier bilan d'une prospection. In: Bulletin de correspondance hellénique. Volume 127, livraison 2, 2003. pp. 327-430;

March 21, 2018: Release of DB 55. MAP_Rev_55__03_21_18. Fifty new sites (primarily in Crete). Corrections and modifications. Search table files updated.

March 15, 2018: Release of DB 54. MAP_Rev_54__03_15_18. About twenty new sites primarily in Crete. Corrections and emendations. Search table files updated.

March 02, 2018: Release of DB 53. MAP_Rev_53__03_02_18. Thirty new sites. Various corrections and emendations. Search table files updated.

February 05, 2018: Release of DB 52. MAP_Rev_52__02_05_18. Twenty seven new sites. Various corrections and emendations. Search table files updated.

January 19, 2018: Release of DB 50. MAP_Rev_0.050__01_19_18. Complete first draft of integration of contributions from Professor Alex Knodell
of Carleton College. Many sites modified particularly in central Greece. Search table files updated.

January 3, 2018: Release of DB 48. MAP_Rev_0.048__01_03_18. Maintenance and integration of contributions from Professor Alex Knodell
of Carleton College. Search table files updated.

December 24, 2017: Release of DB 47. MAP_Rev_0.047__12_24_17. Maintenance and further integration of contributions from Professor
Alex Knodell (Carleton College).

December 18, 2017: Release of DB 46. MAP_Rev_0.046__12_18_17 along with new search files. Integration of contributions of
Professor Alex Knodell (Carleton College) for points in Central Greece. Integration of Skyros island, Sporades.

November 28, 2017: Release of DB 44. MAP_Rev_0.044__11_28_17_Test This new database includes nearly 100 additional sites for Crete.
The integration of Nowicki's Defensible Sites in Crete [1996] is now completed.

November 9, 2017: Delivery of new copies of Create_Combo_Map.php, writecombokml.php, writecombocsv.php.
Primary changes consist of harmonizing the queries across all three products so that they deliver the same results.
Added the time_equivalency logic to retrieve all subtrees of a relative chronology.

November 9, 2017: A new DB was delivered with a new table: time_eq. New DB is: MAP_Rev_0.043__11_9_17_Test.sql
This is to support the code changes in new versions of Create_Combo_Map.php, writecombokml.php, and writecombocsv.php

November 9, 2017: Many minor changes made to correct errors or add clarity or bibliography entries to site descriptions.

October 29, 2017: Delivery of pkey_report.php and pkey_report_wparam.php to deliver feature marker functionality.

October 19, 2017: Database update. Rev. 41. (MAP_Rev_0.041__10_19_17_Test) Emphasis on Laconia and integrating Banou.

October 6, 2017: Database update. Rev. 40. (MAP_Rev_0.040__10_06_17_Test ) Emphasis on improving points in Epirus.

September 27, 2017: Database update. Rev. 38. (MAP_Rev_0.038__09_27_17_Test) Emphasis on Achaea, Aigion, Patras, etc.

September 16, 2017: Database update. Rev. 37. (MAP_Rev_0.037__09_16_17_Test) Sicyonia

September 13, 2017: Database update. Rev. 36. (MAP_Rev_0.036__09_13_17_Test) Emphasis on Sicyonia

September 4, 2017: Database update. Rev. 35. (MAP_Rev_0.035__09_04_17_Test) Emphasis on Northern Peloponnese

August 28, 2017: Database update. Rev. 34. (MAP_Rev_0.034__08_26_17_Test) Emphasis on Boeotia, Locris

August 21, 2017: Database update. Rev. 33. (MAP_Rev_0.033__08_21_17_Test) Emphasis on Phocis, Phthiotis, Boeotia

August 12, 2017: Database update. Rev. 32. (MAP_Rev_0.032__08_12_17_Test) Emphasis on Pelasgiotis, Thessaly

July 31, 2017: Database update. Rev. 30a. Addition of points in Eastern Crete.

July 27, 2017: Database update. Rev. 30. Integration of all of southern Pelop., Kythera.

July 24, 2017: Database update. Rev. 29. Focus on Messenia, Triphylia, Elis.

July 16, 2017: Database update. Rev. 28. Focus on the Argolid.

July 11, 2017: Reintegration of all screens and software. Numerous improvements. Addition of a Regional search facility.

July 4, 2017: Database update. Changes focused on Messenia.

June 28, 2017: Database update. Changes focused on Messenia, Cyclades, Arcadia.

June 23, 2017: Software update. Initiated the Regional name lists page. General reformatting and including the regional page link on several pages.

June 21, 2017: Software update. More controls are added so that the Gazetteer Page can be reached from more than just the 'Controls' page.