The purpose of this web site is to provide accurate latitude and longitude coordinates for all the Early, Middle, and Late Helladic (Mycenaean) find sites both in Greece and in places which the Mycenaean culture touched. This site also provides some bibliographic information as well as times of occupation and the nature of the finds at the various sites. The main purpose is, however, to provide locational information.

Locational Data: Accuracy

Every effort has been made to confirm the exact location of each site. For a complete description of this parameter and of the concepts of Precision and Accuracy as they apply to this web site see this.

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The first installment of the Atlas database has recently been integrated and placed online. This includes some 1800+ sites of which some 1400+ are marked 'LH'.

In the last month I have been given access to the locational Bronze Age and Iron Age sites database of Doctor Sarah Murray of the University of Nebraska. Work on integrating her database with mine is ongoing. At a conservative estimate Doctor Murray's database will add some 1500+ new sites to this one. When this integration is completed this site will boast the largest and most accurate database of its kind.


Robert H. Consoli is the creator of this website and the database that underlies it. The site and the database feature contributions by Dr. Sarah Murray of the University of Nebraska. Direct all questions and enquiries to Robert Consoli who may be reached at bobconsoli 'at'

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I have many friends and supporters in this project. I wish to thank some of the most prominent here: bender_k, barking_pete, woodpainter, and keeper_of_the_garden. I also want to thank those students and Bronze Age professionals who communicated information freely and who enthusiastically encouraged me to continue. In particular I wish to single out Dr. Sarah Murray of the University of Nebraska for her faith in this project and for generously sharing her data.


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